Saturday WOD (05-December-2009)

Another Crossfit Workout for the upcoming April 2010 Big Sur Marathon.

From Crossfit HQ website:

  1. Row 1000-meters (67-cal, 207-watt, 1:59/500-m, 3:58-min total)
  2. Glute-Ham Sit-up, 21-reps
  3. Back Extension, 21-reps
  4. Glute-Ham Sit-up, 15-reps
  5. Back Extension, 15-reps
  6. Glute-Ham Sit-up, 9-reps
  7. Back Extension, 9-reps

From Crossfit Endurance website:

  • 10x sprints – Run: 10 x 100m all out sprints with 90 sec. recoveries… NO PENALTIES.
  • However, running on treadmill required some modification due to the safety speed ramp-up of the treadmill: 5 x 200-meter sprints at pace 4:30

From Crossfit Xtra (spur of the moment I like this): pullups 10+5+5


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