Trail Running (11.7 km or 7.3 miles)

Rancho San Antonio, Los Altos, Cupertino

TrailGuru Screen Capture

Memories of high-school cross country albeit without either the pain or the suffering associated with both poor training and poor coaching.

The photo at left shows my first long-distance run in prep for the 2010 Big Sur Marathon.

A free iPhone App called TrailGuru logged my run using the iPhone’s built in GPS. The actual “track” I uploaded is here.

Clicking the TrailGuru track link will display several useful stats [to me 😉 ]associated with this trail run.

Scrolling down the TrailGuru web-page, you will see:

  • notes
  • elevation profile
  • speed vs distance
  • pace vs distance
  • photos
  • etc.

Assuming I maintain this regime of doing both Crossfit HQ & Crossfit Endurance workouts plus a weekend Long Distance Run with significant elevation gain, I am all but certain I will be able to complete the 2010 Big Sur Marathon, baring usual disclaimers of illness, injury or cramping.


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