Earlier today, while visiting the Crossfit Ireland website, I decided to see if they had any t-shirts available. They did!

With a few mouse clicks, I purchased via PayPal one of their logo t-shirts; although I had to do the whole “forgot password” thing.

On a WTFN lark, I started to drill into Paypal to see if there might be a way to include a PayPal “donation” button on my blog, thinking that it might all be a pointless exercise due to WordPress’ “free, non-commercial hosting service” perhaps preventing the exchange of funds unless one actually gave WordPress a cut of the action. Apparently not (yet).

I successfully added a PayPal “Make A Donation” button:

  1. using the Word Press “Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Image” functionality to drag a blank image into Sidebar 1
  2. using PayPal MyAccount “Merchant Services > Create Buttons > Donate” to create a button, selecting the “Email” version of the HTML code
  3. copy the “Email” version of the PayPal HTML into the WordPress Image form field
  4. QED actually

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