The photo was taken on top of Mt Whitney.

Moved to Silicon Valley from San Diego April 2004.

Most women don’t seem too keen on long-distance hiking as they would rather prove they are in far better shape by leaving “boyfriend” in a pile of sweat during a “boyfriend must try a step aerobics class with girlfriend” session – ouch – however, I found one who does 🙂

I have an adventuring spirit (“Those who dare win”). I was immediately take by Gandalf’s remark “Not all those who wander are lost”

Although the wife disagrees (“yes dear“), my economic & politically views are hard to pin down: FA Hayek, Ayn Rand, Adams, Madison, Deming, the entire Bill of Rights rather than just the first amendment (“the 2nd defends the 1st”), Solzhenitsyn, Ben Graham, Churchill, and Monty Python (grin), sometimes liberal, sometimes libertarian, sometimes conservative (“straight but not arrow”).


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